List 2000, Turkey's first large-scale web directory. Armed with ZIP disks representing several person-years of translations, including last-minute heroics by multilingual experts Pascale Garcia, Greta von Lambert, and Rie Gibbons, I left for Istanbul in May 1997 with my boss, Sam Uresin, programmer Carl Rischar, and graphic artist Jeff Kostick. There we worked with some of Turkey's best technological experts including Burak Aktay, Engin Cetinkaya, Riza Saracli, and Volkan Dindin, to prepare for an extravagant and heavily-publicized opening event. According to Murphy's law, everything that can go wrong did go wrong, and we were working 18-hour days, plus a harrowing 36-hour final day, but we were able to make the site "live" on the web with a Netshow broadcast of the event when the boss said "go!" at 8PM opening night.