From about 1993 until 1996, when all our OCRs were "upgraded" to VAX/VMS, I learned how the AEG OCR/CS operates on the lowest levels after reverse-engineering the MA (Machine Control) software on the PDP-11/83 on which it ran. I found several bugs and reported them to USPS-HQ, and every time a new release came out I would re-run my disassembler (also written in PDP-11 macro assembler) and debug it as well. I was able to rewrite and recompile several utilities to make them more efficient, more functional, and use less machine resources. After studying Forth in late 1995, I fixed some bugs in PDP-11 FIG Forth and then patched in the main loop of MA to it, making FIG-Forth a general-purpose event-driven machine controller under RSX-11M. The project was abandoned after the last of our machines was modified to a closed VMS system.