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Blood Donation

Do you donate blood? Does it make you feel good to be helping people? Wonderful! You are providing, for free, a vital part of you which will be sold for up to hundreds of dollars per pint to the recipient. It's OK for hospitals to make money off your donated lifeblood, but it is evil for you to want any recompense for it. Don't believe me? Do a Google search for "paid blood donors" and see what various agencies have to say about it. In a nutshell: paying for blood donations attracts donations from the worst part of society, those in high-risk categories for hepatitis and HIV. Thus, by implication: if you want money for your blood, you are probably a junkie or a slut. Oh, you say predicate logic does not support that conclusion? I guess you don't live in the same world as the blood brokers do; the connotation in their webpages is palpable. They obviously do not want to have to pay for this resource and are successfully brainwashing the public that it is the best way. People with few needs, who could meet all their expenses by getting paid a reasonable amount for a pint of their blood (let's say $100), simply do not have the option, or if they do I have not been able to find out about it. I did, however, find Nabi Biomedical Centers, which currently pays you $20 "for your time" each time you donate plasma.

Think about it. Even the word "donate", which other than "give" is the only word I have ever used in the context of allowing another person to take your blood, admits no question of payment. "Can I get paid when I donate blood?" "How ridiculous, of course not! It's a donation, isn't it?" There must be a better word to use, maybe "release" or "relinquish". Other suggestions are of course welcome. "If I were to relinquish a pint of blood, how much recompense would I receive?" I'll have to try it out someday on the blood brokers. Their minions will probably feign deafness.

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