Technical Training

Local (South Florida) area only. $100/hour in 1 hour increments; 10% more for each extra person being trained. Most classes can be taught to a single person in a half hour unless noted below. Note: I cannot teach stupid people well. If you aren't already good at something, I probably cannot teach you about computers. If you are good at something, no matter how unrelated to computing it may be, I can probably train you successfully and quickly.

HTML 101

What is HTML? Tags and text. Creating and debugging simple web pages with formatted text and images. Windows or Linux.

HTML 102

Tables, frames, and SSI (Server Side Includes - only for Linux).

CGI 101

Simple CGI script creation in Perl under Linux or Windows.

Linux 101

Installing Linux on your PC, and using it for web browsing and email. This can take several hours depending on hardware. For quickest installation, have older hardware (80x386 is sufficient) with a clean hard drive and bootable CDROM drive, and I will use an older Linux distribution.

Electricity 101

Safety; Ohm's Law; AC and DC; relationship of frequency to inductive and capacitative reactance; electrostatic discharge (ESD); measurement of voltage, current, and resistance using DMM and Oscilloscope. (Course time: 1 hour including test)

Data Communications 101

Bits and bytes; RS232; 10baseT; using oscilloscope to measure bit rate of serial transmission, and to observe MTU of network packets. (Course time: 1 hour including test)
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