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Hi, I'm John Comeau,   (mugshot) originally from Skowhegan, Maine, now living in the tropical paradise of South Florida. I quit a 10-year career as an Electronics Technician in the Post Office in January of 1999 to work full time as cofounder and CTO of Dialtone Internet Communications, a major player in the Dedicated Server and Server Colocation industry. Now that Dialtone has been sold to Interland, it's time for me to move on to other challenges: accordingly, I announced my retirement on Monday, June 18, 2002, and am now continuing my education. On June 22 I updated my resume but don't bother contacting me for a "job"; I'm only interested in short-term consulting assignments, offsite system administration, and training at this time. Also, I'm open to partnerships in a business venture and a bartering arrangement.

The United States of America

Recent actions by the government of the country in which I was born make it necessary for me to make this public: I disowned my government back in 1963 when they killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy (not that I suspected then that powers within the government were behind it - I just couldn't see any sign of life in it after JFK). If they have done anything just since then it was either accidental, or carried through by one of the lower-level employees in spite of the evil powers at the top. The world has to know that there is a big difference between the citizens of the US and the government of the US; the only way to get a righteous goverment in place would be revolution, and I am not sure enough that that would get us anything better that I would be willing to martyr myself to accomplish it. So anyway, the point is: just because I'm American doesn't mean I support the actions of my government; I most definitely do not most of the time. And, myths aside, the power of my vote is not much when the candidates among whom I may vote are all put in place by powers out of my reach. The best I can do, as far as I know, is to pull a "John Galt" and not work in my field, and not work enough to have to pay taxes. I plan to stick with that strategy as long as possible.


I have been a PDP-11 enthusiast since 1988, when I first got hands-on at the Postal training center in Norman, OK. My first computing experience was on the DEC-10 system at WPI in 1974, and my original high regard for Digital's engineers and software developers has only increased over the years. The WWW version of the PDP-11 FAQ is now complete and has been moved to http://www.village.org/pdp11/faq.html. I will maintain a pointer here indefinitely; it's the least I can do since I have not contributed to the FAQ since my initial HTML rewrite.

HRC's Zapper

I have built a modified version of Hulda Regehr Clark's zapper, which supposedly kills all parasites, bacteria, and viruses in humans with low-current, low-voltage, pulsating DC. This uses much simpler circuitry and replaces most of the components with a perl script running on Linux. See zapper.html for more details.


A language compiler which will eventually incorporate the best of both FORTH and postscript; have advanced programming support structures like Perl; but stick close to the hardware and API of the underlying machine and OS. Currently there is a possibly broken and unmaintained MS-DOS version, and a Linux version, both available at the postFORTH page.

FTP Area

Since my world.std.com account is terminated, my ftp area may soon be gone (if it isn't already), so the same files are accessible via http in the ftparea subdirectory. This may not be for long depending on the vagaries of the various free hosting services I use, but I'll do my damnedest to maintain them.

My Websites

In 2001 I moved all my websites to the totally free service Free.ProHosting.com with DNS provided, also free, by ZoneEdit.com. However, in July of 2002, storm.prohosting.com, on which my sites were hosted, went offline for over 24 hours, and prohosting would provide no answers on what was wrong or when it would be back; that's when I realized "TANSTAAFL" (look that up on the web if you don't read Heinlein) and decided to put my eggs, both web and DNS, in different baskets. You may find them on different providers at any arbitrary time, some of them different and/or missing features as I try to get everything working on all of them. None of them are much to look at; I am just starting to find time to spend on these hobbies. They are: risp.org, the Organization for Responsible Internet Providers; J. Random Hacker's foo.bar && grille, my idea for an Internet bar/restaurant; and TourThree.com, something I intend someday to be a portal for late-night entertainment targeted at Postal workers. In October 2001 I also added YoullReallyLikeMySite.com (you won't really, at least not yet), a domain name that came to me in a dream. And in August 2002 I finally got a domain I've been waiting for at least 5 years, unternet.net, the underground internet. Also in 2002 I registered EcuadorNegocios.COM and QuickQuestions.COM (got a quick question? I can get you a fast answer!).


If and when I ever get the next version of postForth working, I intend to port the Linux kernel to it, and call the result 'ictx', where ICT is "Intelligent Control Technologies", the name of my consulting firm, with the 'x' of course being the de facto standard suffix of unix clones. You may find me as nick 'ictx' or 'jcomeau' on the efnet #linux channel, and at random (other) times on NTN as 'ICTX'. I like to help out with open-source projects, since it's thanks to Linux that I was able to get out of the rat race while I still have some time to enjoy life; see my linux support page for some beginner's tips. I have nothing to do with ictx.com, a completely different company.

Who is John Galt?

I've been reading a lot of books in the last few years, particularly so since retiring. It started with esr's list of books in the back of the New Hacker's Dictionary and progressed from there. I also still watch movies once in a while.

Rants and Ramblings

Miscellaneous facts, fancies, and fulminations not covered above.
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